Sunday Oct 13th 2019, Logan Hall, London

Taq Kasra Documentary


Premier on 1 February 2018 at SOAS

The Making of Phoolan Devi Movie

Expected Release Date: 2018

Memories in Exile

Sunday 15th Nov 2015, Logan Hall, London

Along the Silk Road – Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Wilshire Ebbel Theatre, 9th Feb 2014

Along the Silk Road – Marco Polo’s travels

Sunday June 23rd 2013 – London Artsdepot

The Silk Road, a Tribute to Amir Khosrow

3rd March 2013, Logan Hall, London

Love Came and Set the World on Fire

20th Novemebr 2011, Logan Hall, London

Poetry, Dance and Lyrics in the Land of Harp and Mandolins

24th October 2010. Logan Hall, London

History of Classical Music in Iran

29th November 2009. Logan Hall, London

The Immortal Flowers

26th April 2009. Logan Hall, London

History of 3000 Years of Dance in Iran

9th March, 2008. Logan Hall, London

100 Years of Popular Music in Iran

21st October 2007. Logan Hall, London

A Celebration of Lobat Vala

29th October 2006, Chelsea Town Hall, London